Friday, November 5, 2010

I blame Marvin Austin, The New York Times, ESPN, Bammers, A Talking Snake, and Scientology

so yeah, what was looking like a great season quickly turned into another reason why i fucking hate the media, bloggers, being a fan, pro sports, the NCAA, greed, and humans.

if Auburn is guilty then what can you say? fuck it. i'm fucking done with college football. i have other interests and rooting for Auburn has always been more about having something to talk to with my dad than anything else. my dad likes movies too. we can talk about that.

if the Newtons did nothing wrong, then yeah this is just another reason for me to hate ESPN (yes i get that they are just reporting a story. i am not an idiot, just an irrational human being like everyone else). oh yeah...just for the hell of it, screw Orson.

at this point all i care about is beating Georgia and Alabama. no matter what happens in the aftermath. i hope the team can rally around Cam and kick some ass the rest of November.

being a college football fan is a stupid and pointless task sometimes. i'm just glad i'm too dead inside for this to ruin my day.

i think noted murderer and church burner, Varg, sums up my feelings best.

hey, at least the McRib is back.

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