Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Most Important Iron Bowl Ever?

The answer to that question would be a big fat Yes if you are an Auburn fans. This one isn't about winning the first ever game at Jordan-Hare, or setting an all-time win streak vs. Alabama, but this would is going to decide if Auburn plays for it's first national title since 1958.

If the Tigers lose to Bama you'd think strength of schedule would count for something, but thanks to a Yankee Media crush on Boise State and an SEC hangover by the national media (not to mention the chance Auburn might have a title stripped from them at some point in the future) it's pretty safe to say Auburn needs to be 13-0 after these next 2 games. Is that fair? Fuck no. LSU was gifted a trip to the title game when they lost to Arkansas at this point in the season. Oklahoma got to play for the title after losing their fucking conference championship! (Not to mention the overall sketchiness of them getting in over Texas a few seasons back). But hey, we are Auburn, nothing ever comes to us easy. So just keep winning Tigers and everyone else can kiss your ass.

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