Monday, November 15, 2010

Georgia Fans

Biggest Pussies Ever or Biggest Pussies Possible?

Having spent the majority of my 32 years in the state of Georgia surrounded by Dawgs fans I can say with some level of expertise that they are a miserable and unlikeable bunch. Fuck this mutual respect bullshit between the two schools. Georgia fans can eat a dick. Of all the Big Six in the conference they have the least passionate, least interested, least involved fans. All most of them care about is getting drunk or going to St. Simon's. Watching their program go to shit has been almost as enjoyable as Auburn's undefeated season (no matter how it all turns out.)

You'd think based on the amount of crying coming out of Athens this weekend that Auburn jumped the Georgia team getting off the bus and beat them with lead pipes. Auburn is a dirty team? Hey, we might pay our players but at least one of our runningbacks didn't threaten to put a sex tape of a girl on the Internet to get out of paying her 500 dollars back.

Fuck Georgia, I hope Tech kills them and sends Mark Richt out as a loser.

maybe they'll find a coach who knows how to beat Tommy Tuberville.

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easyedwin said...

Just the written words Tommy Tuberville makes me want to puke. CMR is a product of FSU and it has shown for YEARS! If UGa wants to protect Murray then BLOCK Fairly dammit. I hope the Georgia Institute of Technology lays 50 on the dawgs.