Wednesday, November 10, 2010

how many more Cam Newton stories do you think will come out before the UGA game?

Mississippi State sure has a lot of unnamed sources, don't they? In all of Fox Sports, The New York Times, and ESPN's reports about Newton I've yet to see them report that John Bond admitted on a radio show that he never actually talked to Kenny Rogers...nor have they mentioned a report that charges were never brought before the Florida Student Council...or even mentioned that leaking that info was illegal. But you know, BIG STORIES, don't come with retractions when juicy gossip is more interesting.

Anyways, today's fun new info claims that the Newtons DID get paid by Auburn and talked about it on the phone. Did anyone record these conversations? Can we just stop saying "unnamed sources" and call these people what they really are? Aka Mississippi State boosters. Oh well. I guess that means Auburn is gonna be getting investigated soon.

I'm not naive enough to think none of this is true, I'm more hopeful than most of it isn't true for the sake of my college football fandom, cause I've said it to everyone I'm friends with, if Auburn gets in any major trouble and gets put on serious probation that cripples the program and has us looking at 6th place finishes in the West and never ending losing streaks vs the Tide, LSU, and UGA...well then fuck it! I'm out. There are other things in the world that I can love that also make me miserable, like women and music.

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