Friday, November 19, 2010

Well, They Can't Take Cam's Virtual Heisman Away

i just finished up my regular season on NCAA 2011 with Auburn by destroying the Florida Gators in the SEC Title Game (take that Urban Meyer) giving my virtual Tigers a perfect 13-0 record as they get ready for the BCS title game (vs. Oregon, no less. EA Sports Knows!!!). Virtual Cam is pretty much just as awesome as Real Life Cam...but with even more retarded stats. 3187 yards passing and 35 touchdown combined with 1725 yards rushing and 34 touchdowns (not to mention i had 20 touchdowns with Dyer and 11 with McCalebb).

Crushing opponents in a pretend reality has been a nice distraction from actual frightening reality. Now off to kill the Ducks and get started recruiting for next season.

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