Monday, November 8, 2010

getting to watch the best 200K anyone ever spent, in person, was pretty rad.

my only trip to the Plains this season was last Saturday during Auburn's complete destruction of Chattanooga. getting to see Cam Newton in person (even against a lousy opponent) was a treat. he really does look like someone taught a Grizzly how to run and throw with a football in it's paw. i only have hazy memories of Bo Jackson at Auburn. most of my love for him came on Sundays and Royals games on TV...but Auburn has had plenty of great players during my lifetime that i've had to opportunity to watch live. from Brent Fullwood and Tracy Rocker, to Takeo Spikes, to Dameyune Craig, to Rudy Johnson, to Jason Campbell, Cadillac Williams, and Ronnie Brown. none of those players seemed as exciting and dominate as Cam Newton. if Auburn and Newton can stay out of NCAA trouble, and 2010 wasn't the year the program got destroyed for 200K, then i'm willing to call Cam Newton the 2nd greatest Auburn football player behind Bo. And if Newton can take us to the promised land and a BCS championship then i'm willing to give him #1 in my heart...even if we only have him for a year.

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