Thursday, November 11, 2010

a random thought about Camgate

(i just posted this on WarblogEagle but figured i should post it here too)

this has nothing to do with Newton being guilty or not...

is it just me or is ESPN's overzealous reporting in the Cam Newton saga seem to be a reaction to the fact it wasn't the WWL but some bloggers who broke the Reggie Bush and Brett Favre scandals? actually what's the last big story you can remember ESPN actually breaking on their own? i think all you have to do is read the dozen or so stories that they've posted on the basically just recite the exact same info over and over again (minus any of the contradictory reports against their information) and you start to get the feeling that ESPN is making this THEIR story no matter what. this isn't me saying they've created a conspiracy against Cam Newton but i think they really feel that once they got wind of the investigation that they were gonna make it their top priority to be at the center of the story.

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