Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Is Not Going To End Well

being someone who has suffered from depression most of his adult life i get rather annoyed when i watch the ESPN talking heads rail on Vince Young and his lack of maturity and his lack of mental toughness. i think it's pretty obvious that the dude suffers from some form of depression and yet the NFL (like most super macho things) doesn't confront problems like that and instead wants to label the guy a quitter. dude needs to get help, not have his coach throw him under the bus constantly.

on a related note, Why the fuck is Jeff Fisher considered some untouchable among the NFL coaches? the Titans have been to 1 Super Bowl over a decade ago and never really been consistent playoff team ever. the fact that his ass isn't on the hotseat is sort of bullshit. if i was the Titans owner i'd be getting rid of Fisher and not Vince after this season.

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