Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hey, who is Auburn playing this week anyways?

so you may or may not have heard this 800 times the last week or so, but for the 3rd time in a row the Iron Bowl will feature an undefeated national title contending school from the great state of Alabama...yet this time it's the boys in blue who wear the target on their chest. Auburn comes into the game needing just two wins to get to Arizona...that's it. a 2 game season. they are lead by an unstoppable QB crippling in Nick Fairly, a tandem of talented runningbacks, a senior offensive line, and the best player to put on the AU helmet since Pat Dye was paying Bo Jackson. THIS IS THE REASON WE LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL. An Iron Bowl for the ages.

i will admit that i DO wish Bama hadn't lost to LSU and that this game was for EVERYTHING for both teams, but i guess it's comforting that at worst the Tigers will be able to play for the SEC Championship and a trip to the Sugar Bowl (likely to face off against Ohio State).

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