Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey Dude, Your List Sucks

the Bleacher Report (some stupid baseball blog written by jerkoffs from the North East) compiled their WORST FANS IN SPORTS list. i'll save you the trouble of clicking over and getting hit with all the spam. their top 10 are....

10. the Cubs for being whiners (agreed)
9. New York Rangers (it's Hockey, who cares)
8. Red Sox for turning into the Yankees(i agree with their inclusion but i'd put them at number 1)
7. The Cardinals for being too nice and not booing (what?)
6. New Jersey Nets for not existing (dude, think outside your tiny Northeastern box. no one knows or cares about the Nets.)
5. Eagles for being evil pricks (yes)
4. Cowboys for not winning a playoff game since Clinton (what does that have to do with their fans?)
3. The Yankees for being snobs (okay. i'm sure you can tell by now that the guy who wrote this is a Mets fan.)
2. Raiders for dressing up in crazy costumes and for their team sucking (i think that qualifies them as diehards...but okay dude, whatever)
1. The Phillies for being violent and crazy (also i would agree, but the Red Sox are still more annoying).

okay first off this list doesn't include a single college fanbase which is not a surprise because people from the city of New York are only aware of things that happen in the North East or things they learn on Sportscenter. noone in New York has ever watched a college football game so they would never know how awful/insane/and retarded things are in THE SEC, Big 10, or Big 12. i mean, what about Texas or Oklahoma? no Red Sox fan has ever ripped off the balls of a Yankees fan, that i am aware of. and where's the hate for the Florida Marlin's non-existant fanbase? they've won TWO FUCKING WORLD SERIES and draw about the same as a Double A baseball team. also any list that leaves off the Duke Blue Devils is completely invalid.


Marcus said...

I don't follow this thing known as baseball. However, about two years ago I was eating dinner with a Yankees fan and a Red Sox fan. At the time I believe the Sox were coming off a World Series victory, and had beaten the Yankees in order to get in the series (I think). Anyway, the Sox fan takes a jab at the Yankees fan and his response was "So what, you've got a couple of WS titles, call me when you get 26!"
I couldn't help but think of the standard "Got 12" response by most Bama fans at that time, despite having not beaten AU in 6 years.
It was then that I formulated my theory:

Yankees = Bama (historical success, blow-hard fanbase)


Red Sox = AU (less historical success but doing well in the modern age, die-hard fanbase despite lack of historical success).

I guess I could be wrong, but due to that one "Got 26" type response, I'm sticking with my theory :)

J.D. said...

Definitely a Mets fan. Anyone who puts Cardinals fans on a list of worst fans has to be either a Cubs or Mets fan. And since he had Cubs fans at #10 (only #10!) he obviously must be a Mets fan