Thursday, August 13, 2009

oh yeah and some dude named Vick is an Eagle now

just as i was eating dinner and getting ready for band practice i heard the news: Mike Vick signed with the motherfucking Eagles. say what? yeah i'm sure this will work out fine. let's take Mike Vick who is a PR nightmare and stick his ass in a racist city like Philly with the biggest bunch of asshole fans in the country (outside of the Red Sox) and let's not forget that you've got a big sulking pussy named McNabb who is starting ahead of him and will no doubt get injured at some point this year and force Vick to have to start. FIREWORKS BABY, FIREWORKS!!!

ugggghhhh. December 6th when the Eagles come to Atlanta is going to be ugly. like in the most dumbass, annoying, and terrible kind of way.

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