Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the Nerds finally prevail

Vandy won a bowl game! Wrap your tiny brain around that shit.

The Vanderbilt Commodores are bowl game winners over Boston College who was the runner up in the ACC. Which means Vandy lost to the worst team in the ACC in Duke but somehow managed to beat a team that had won it's previous 9 bowl trips. Sometimes the world is a crazy place.

I've been rooting for Vanderbilt to just make it to a bowl as long as I've been aware of how sorry they were, which is basically most of my football watching life, so to see them pull off their improbable 5-0 start followed by a 1-6 slide that barely got them bowl eligible and then to have have them pull off a big time upset like this...well it makes me proud, almost as much as if they were my own favorite team. As much as I hated enduring Auburn's Season Of Death, the loss to Vandy almost feels worth it when I watched them take their final knee and claim victory. 7-6...a winning season. Who the fuck would have ever imagined such a thing?

2008 may have been a shitty year all around but Obama and The 'Dores were there to remind me that sometimes you just gotta have faith.

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