Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Race Thing

so if you are an Auburn fan and you've been paying attention to anything on ESPN, the race question is getting thrown around a lot regarding Auburn's hire. Charles Barkley is calling Auburn out and if you've been on any of the message boards or blogs people are losing their shit over this. some people are being level headed and objective. some people are making the typical "Barkley needs to shut up/ He's an idiot" comments and there's some borderline racist shit being said as well, which is exactly what i was afraid would happen.

regarding Barkley, he can say whatever the hell he wants. i actually agree with a lot of the things he is saying. i am just as pissed off as he is and it doesn't bother me that he's out there stirring shit up. it sucks that Auburn is being branded as racist by the media (read: ESPN), but it's AlaFuckingBama guys. the state doesn't have much history in the realm of progress.

i don't wanna get into a race debate...but i will say it's ridiculous that there are so few black coaches in college football when you consider that 75% of the players are African Americans. i do think that the NCAA needs to adopt something similiar to the NFL's Rooney Rule.

all that being said, Do i really think the Auburn hire was racist? No i don't. i think it was fucking retarded, but i don't think it was racist at all. the problem is that they wanted someone they were more comfortable with, aka someone they knew. i mean they didn't even talk to Mike Leach who went 11-1 this year? these people aren't racist...they are morons. also, Auburn did interview 2 black candidates which is 2 MORE than most schools ever talk to. they really aren't getting much credit for that because of Barkley's comments.

do i think it would have been awesome if Auburn had hired Turner Gill? Yes. would it have been a major social statement? Yes. would Auburn probably have been better off? yes. Am i ready to move on and stop talking about this? yes.

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