Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Much For My Fantasy Football Team

last season the Thug Apologists were on there way to the Fantasy Football Championship game behind the unstoppable ground attack of Purple Jesus and Joseph Addai...this year we just finished up our 6-9 year with one final crushing defeat in the also-ran's playoff bracket.

where did it all go wrong?

oh yeah. let that be a lesson to you when drafting your fantasy teams in the future. never rely on an Oakland Raider...no matter how much you loved Bo Jackson as a kid or how awesome you thought DMac was in college. nothing good can come of it.

speaking of McFadden, i'm tempted to start FreeMcFadden.com in an effort to help the SEC's 3rd greatest running back of all time escape from his Silver & Black prison.

whatever, fantasy football is for nerds anyways....which i am sadly a charter member of the community. why'd i stop being in a band again?

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