Friday, December 12, 2008

Auburn's Coaching Search Is Making My Brain Cry.

The Auburn coaching search is kinda like El Topo except more confusing and minus the boobs.

so apparently the Muschamp and Spurrier stories were bogus and now Gary Patterson of TCU is the frontrunner. also Jim Grobe is apparently on the radar too.... maybe comparing the Auburn coaching search to a violent existential western is giving it too much credit...this is reminding me more of a Greek tragedy or possibly a really bad episode of CSI.

so let's see, we've interviewed Turner Gill, Pat Nix, Rodney Garner, Brade Hoke (apparently), possibly Todd Graham, and now Gary Patterson....yet we've said "no thanks" to Mike Leach and haven't even bothered to enquire about Butch Davis or Brian Kelly?!?! and then there's the Spurrier, Muschamp, Fisher, Nutt, Petrino, etc...rumors that have been flying all over the place. whatever, i'm just gonna start ignore this shit until someone is the coach and then i will scream for blood or praise Allah.

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