Thursday, December 18, 2008

i've been talking this kind of shit for years

“If you look at the Bobby Bowden, Mark Richt, Chuck Amato family tree, there is no discipline whatsoever. And if the players don’t have natural strength, they are not strong. There is no substance to their strength programs. With the type of talent they have at Georgia and Florida State, they ought to be in the hunt for national championships every year. I don’t know why Richt is not fending for his job.”

that's a quote from an NFL scout on which i think is pretty spot on about the Georgia football program. as an Auburn fan, i'd be calling for my coaches head every year when he's got a squad loaded with that much pure talent and is NEVER seriously in the conversation at the end of the season for a national title. i know it's the SEC, and i know Georgia has won 2 league titles in the Richt Era, but still his teams are under performing almost every single year.

but cheer up Georgia, at least you've got a shot to be a good football team in the next 5 years...unlike some other team i know of who wears Orange and Navy and yells "War Eagle" a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Sure. No one from Fl. St. has ever been strong. Especially not in the Nat'l Chmps era. None of the 100 guys in the NFL. GA has a couple of guys benching 600 lbs. That's weak.