Monday, December 15, 2008

Well that didn't take long

say goodbye to the best QB prospect Auburn has had since Jason Campbell. 4 star recruit, Raymond Cotton, decommited today. which leaves Auburn with the same terrible options at QB next year and into the future that we had this season. i really hope Barrett Trotter is good at football because we are pretty much fucked for the next few years at that position if he isn't. Cotton decided to decommit when James Willis was fired, likely he'll end up at Ole' Miss with our other top recruit Rodney Scott who decommited as well and chose the Rebels. last year Enrique Davis said, "no thanks" to Auburn when they decided to switch to the spread offense and joined Ole Miss...this all seems kinda fitting since Mississippi is the team most likely to benefit from Auburn's descent into college football hell as the 3rd best team in the West and a challenger to Alabama and LSU.

so far Philip Lutzenkirchen, the four star tight end from Georgia, hasn't made clear what his plans are but it seems doubtful that the Tigers will keep him either...especially when Chizik says he wants to get back to being a power running team. look i believe in running the football as much as the next Auburn fan, but it takes a QB and a passing game to win championships in college football these days. Alabama may have won the West with their running game and O-line this season but you can't tell me Nick Saban didn't wish he had an ace signal caller...because once they faced a team they couldn't just overpower and had to match score for score with it was their QB that cost them.

more recruits will likely jump ship before all is said and done and could you really blame them?

i said it once and i'll say it again, this is going to be a very very long offseason.

go Falcons! give me some hope.

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