Monday, December 15, 2008

Soooooooooo, How Was Your Weekend?

hmmmmmm, let's see. my weekend went something like this.....

which then filled me with confusion, dread, sorrow, sadness, and anger.....FURIOUS NEVER ENDING, ANGERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and it's not like i'm alone in my current emo-ness. you'd be hard pressed to find anyone saying anything very positive about this hire. that is unless you find the words of the Herbiebot 5000 to be comforting.

but if you find the thoughts of a guy who once finished next to last nationally picking games straight up among EVERYONE who picks college football games straight up (he did beat out Clucko The Chicken who makes picks based on selecting between 2 feed bowls that represent the two teams playing in a given game. so he's got that going for him.) and who says such insightful drivel as, "I've watched Florida every week. Congratulations, 12-1... that's amazing. But am I going to penalize Michigan because the Big Ten is awful this year? Absolutely not." or likes to pick teams based on "having the mental edge" or being motivated by "bulletin board material" or having "intensity" and all sorts of other bullshit that has nothing to do with x's & o's to be comforting then there probably isn't much hope for you anyways.

but hey, this is the bitter pill that we've been handed by Jay Jacobs. so i guess it's either swallow the damn thing and move on or just be miserable from 3 years and wave our pitchforks and torches pointlessly. it's probably a good thing that the press conference is going to be closed to the public today because Jacobs might have to deal with something like this....

On a more positive note, MY Atlanta Falcons knocked off the hated Tampa Buccaneers in overtime yesterday to claim their 9TH!!! win of the season. they are currently tied with Tampa and Dallas record-wise for one of the final two playoff spots but both the Cowboys and Bucs hold tie-breaker edges over the Dirty Birds.

the Bucs close out their season with the Raiders and Chargers, so you've go to imagine they are getting in. Dallas on the other hand has to play The Eagles and Ravens in their final two games, so it would seem more likely that the Falcons (whose final 2 are against the Vikings and Rams) best shot is to snag the spot the Cowboys are currently holding.

regardless of what actually happens you've got to be excited about this season if you are an Atlanta fan. we've got the Rookie of the Year in QB Matt Ryan, an MVP candidate in Michael Turner, a Defensive Player of the Year contender in John Abraham, and the guy who HAS to win Coach of the Year in Mike Smith...who wins the badass of the weekend award by getting into Antonio Bryant's face and talking some shit to him yesterday. the Falcons players were giving him high-fives and jumping up and down and basically getting pumped up over their coach having their back. this guy is the real deal.

i have never been so happy to be so fucking wrong about a coach and a rookie QB. i just hope i end up being equally as wrong about Coach Chizik.

on a totally random note, i nominate this guy for coolest human on the face of the earth. free dental care for touring punk bands?!?!?! where the fuck was this guy when i was still in a band?

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