Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brand New Year, same old Bullshit

oh New Year's Day, why must i always endure your wrath through blood shot eyes?

so after a couple of uninspiring early day matchups i've settled in with my hangover, bottle of blue powerade, and box of Little Ceaser's pizza to watch the annual USC asswhipping of a Big 10 opponent aka the Rose Bowl. god, where to begin? the open cheerleading for the Trojans football team from the Herbiebot and Lee Corso (who exclaimed that USC was screwed out of the national title game) is enough to embarrass even a hardcore USC fan.

that being said this game is fucking brutal. poor Joe Pa. the Trojans are murdering his team and reminding the world that they really are the most badass football team in all the land. if College Football ever does go to the playoff system i can't imagine the Trojans not winning the championship most years (unless they have to play Oregon State in the 1st round). you can chant SEC as loud as you want but the Trojans have owned our proud Southern asses this decade in head to head matchups. I'm an Auburn fan, i know.

USC should just leave the Pac 10 and become a Harlem Globetrotters-esq team traveling from town to town whipping your team's ass and winning forever, or they could just move to Detroit and take the Lions' place.

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