Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my last post of the year

So I've been without the internet for about 4 days and I've been doing all my blogging via my fancy new g1 (that's the Google phone in case you ain't hip to the know) and it's a bit of a pain in the ass to be honest and so my blogging output has been down of late. I was planning a big Collge Football 08 in Review post full of pointless awards and top 10 moments and the like, but that shit'll have to wait. So instead I give you my new years resolutions...

1. Cut the cursing down by 50% on this ain't gonna fucking happen, but I'll try.
2. Be more positive....hahahahaha, yeah right.
3. Watch less internet porn.
4. Lose 30 pounds.
5. Quit making such quick knee jerk reactionary posts everytime something I don't like happens to my favorite teams.
6. Master the triple option on NCAA 2009 and shatter all rushing records.
7. Quit being so lazy with my spelling, grammar, and punctuation. (Sorry Mrs. Scott)
8. Be more awesome.

Happy new year motherfuckers.

Go Vandy.

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