Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Football X-Mas Wishlist

i'm asking Santa for 10 things to change in the game of football.

1. a 16 team College Football playoff. i'll settle for 8, but really...i want all 16. 11 conference champions and 5 at large seeds.

2. since we aren't getting a playoff anytime soon then please take away the Big East's automatic bid. the Mountain West was a far better conference this year and had 2 legit BCS bowl quality teams in TCU and Utah, plus BUY and Air Force both had solid years as well. but really we need to allow more than 2 teams from a conference to get into BCS bowls if there are 3 who are deserving. the fact that Texas Tech isn't in a BCS bowl and Ohio State got in is a crime.

3. let's strengthen some weaker conferences. make Boise State leave the WAC and join either the Pac 10 (with Utah) or join the Mountain West and make the Mountain West a BCS conference. since we aren't gonna let the Big East be part of the BCS anymore let's go ahead and steal away West Virginia and South Florida and swap them out with two of the shittier ACC teams and then have Pitt go join the Big 10 and create the crazy world of 2 BIG 12s!!!

4. make Oregon pick two uniforms (one home and one away) and make them stick with that. and No more fucking Emo Wings!!!

5. get rid of the Coaches poll. it's useless. those fuckers have no idea who is good and who isn't if they aren't playing or scouting them.

6. DO NOT LET THE NFL GO TO A 17 GAME SEASON. that's just another game that'll prevent your team from making the playoffs. also, it's maybe time to think about adding 2 more teams to the NFL playoffs...i mean right now it feels perfect but when you've got multiple 10 win teams not making the playoffs it kinda sucks for the fans.

7. seed the playoffs based on the teams with the best records. just cuz you won your division doesn't mean you should have the right to host shit.

8. Free Darren McFadden from the Raiders. or better yet free the Raiders from Al Davis. come on Death, you really had to take Paul Newman this year over Undead Al?

9. Stop Roger Goodell from letting NFL teams play in other countries. i'm glad they stopped the China thing, but letting the Bills play games in Canada is just as bad.

10. Get rid of that fucking dancing robot on FOX!!!

and a special bonus request: No More Favre Watch. he retires or he doesn't, but don't bore us with the 24/7 coverage.

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