Friday, April 23, 2010

Josh McDaniels' Secret Revenge Plot to Destroy The Broncos

So is it just me or do you ever get the feeling that Josh McDaniels is secretly involving himself in a drawnout revenge plot against the Denver Broncos? Like maybe he's secretly a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan who never got over getting beaten by those Elway teams back in the 80s (like most Browns fans haven't...that was your best team ever) and so McDaniels worked hard and became a hotshot offensive coordinator so he'd one day be able become Denver's headcoach and then slowly but surely would trade away their two best players in Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshal and then shockingly draft Tim "I love jesus a lot but can't really throw a football properly" Tebow to sink the franchise into the sort of misery that only the Browns and Lions can understand. Maybe I'm wrong...but it's my theory. Call me nuts but It honestly makes way more sense than what is going on.

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