Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Can't Believe I Watched The Entire 4th-7th rounds


-if you need another reason to pile on the "Tuberville can go fuck himself" bandwagon, only 2 fucking players getting drafted is all you need to say about the talent gap that was facing the 2008/2009 Tigers vs LSU, Bama, and the Floridas of the SEC. Hell Kentucky sent more players to the league this year. Auburn had the same number of players get drafted as fucking Vandy! I guess it should be no real shocker that those two teams beat us the last 2 years.

-that being said, how does Antonio Coleman go undrafted? Seriously. There were some pointless reaches in the 7th round on QBs who will never see a fucking snap in the NFL and a guy like Coleman who was an All-SEC player ends up as an undrafted free agent pick up for someone's practice squad? Ugggh.

-speaking of pointless draft picks and QBs...Jonathan Crompton was drafted!!! Are you people on crack? The guy was easily one of the worst QBs in the conference who was able to pad his stats against bad teams at the end of the year. Just further proof that noone in the NFL is watching college football.

-on the QBs who should've never left school front, Jevan Sneed...dude, what the hell were you thinking? There's nothing worse than being an undrafted underclassmen. Remember when Todd McShay said he would be a 1st round pick? Seriously how is that guy anymore qualified to spout bullshit on tv than you or me are?

-Mel Kiper wants to eat McShay's soul.

-the Falcons put together the most boring collection of "who the fuck are these guys?" That I can remember in years. Goddamn guys but this draft class fucking sucks. Way to fire up the fanbase. You could've at least drafted a Jonathan Dwyer for the hometown folks. Fucking Falcons.

-watching Jimmy Clausen's free fall was by far the most entertaining this about this year's draft. Hating Notre Dame will never be out of style.

-with Clausen and Josh Freeman in the NFC South I kind of feel like it's Atlanta and New Orleans division to duke it out for every year for the forseeable future.

-moving the draft to Thursday sucked...not so much for the 1st round but for the 2nd and 3rd rounds of Friday night. What kind of a dork sat at home on a Friday night and watched the draft? Friday nights are for nerd shut ins who watch sci fi shows. Duh.

-I'm so ready for college football season.

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