Monday, April 5, 2010

In Defense Of Jason Campbell (and all young NFL QBs)

well that's probably that for former Auburn QB and one time 1st round draft pick Jason Campbell. just call it another young NFL QB that gets thrown onto the trash heap because he can't overcome his team's shortcomings, poor drafting, bad free agent moves, and lousy coaching. why teams even bother drafting quarterbacks in the 1st round anymore is kind of beyond me. if you look at all the 1st round QB picks of the last decade less than half of them made it as a starter and of that half most aren't even with their original team. Campbell will now be strapped with the BUST tag even if he showed steady improvement (despite not having much of a line or receiving corp) but he just doesn't have that IT quality to be a super star in a league and division obsessed with quarterbacks. when Washington hired Mike Shanahan i thought finally Campbell would have the coach who could take him and turn him into the type of QB that i have long imagined he could be...but the temptation of the quick fix of landing an aging (and often injured) veteran like McNabb was just too much to pass up. sure i may be biased as an Auburn fan but i really doubt this move is going to do more than make the Redskins a .500 team for a couple of seasons. more than likely Campbell is going to get cut or traded before the draft and then Washington will be just a McNabb injury (which you and i both know will happen) away from having Sexy Rexy Grossman as their starting QB.

with some luck on Campbell's part he'll end up getting picked up by a team with a solid veteran QB who needs a quality backup with some NFL starting experience and a stable coaching staff and he can learn for a few more seasons and then get his shot again in a few years...but considering the way the NFL views former 1st round QBs who didn't stick around with the team that drafted them it could be the end of his career. what a bunch of bullshit. i hate the NFL.


WarDamnAdam said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one who saw the Campbell wasn't totally to blame for the Redskins (lack of) performance. As you said, a little help from the line would be a major help. Too bad the Skins couldn't get Gorgeous Borges as a coach.

asdfblog^2 said...

Wow you were exactly right he might get a chance now that Jay Cutler is questionable.

asdfblog^2 said...

Wow you were exactly right he might get his chance now the Jay Cutler is questionable.