Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Game 2010

so i attended Auburn's 2010 A-Day game last weekend and it was probably my most pleasant experience ever for an Auburn Spring game. fist of all, the weather was absolutely perfect in Auburn which may or may not have contributed to the record crowd. And the atmosphere (at least in the 1st half) was pretty far as Spring games go. there's definitely a since of anticipation surrounding these 2010 Tigers that you wouldn't have guessed would be possible last summer. the star of the game was Cam Newton, who received the loudest ovation of any player on the team and showed everyone that there is little doubt he's going to be the team's starting QB. Mario Fannin also seemed to solidify himself as Auburn's number 1 tailback for next season.

the A Day was basically a QB expo with the real show being a dual between Neil Caudle and Barrett Trotter for the backup behind Newton. both QBs looked sharp...with the slight edge, in my opinion, going to Trotter. he seems a little more athletic and has a slightly stronger arm. either way i feel a lot better about Auburn's QB situation in 2010 than i have since Brandon Cox's junior season.

also we got a treat at half time when members of the Auburn All Decade like Jason Campbell, Cadillac and Ronnie, Marcus McNeil, Ben Grubbs, Courtney Taylor, and several other stars of the Tuberville era were honored.

all in all it was the sort of Spring game that makes you proud of your team and gives you hope for the future.

special bonus was after the game i got to go inside and check out the brand new Auburn Basketball Arena. shit looks fucking sweet! camera phone pics to follow...

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