Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick Thoughts about The NFL Draft

For the first time in years I have paid almost zero attention to the offseason and I have a general idea of who the top prospects are but I am truly clueless as to who my Falcons are thinking about drafting next week. All I really know is that the Dirty Birds need to get someone to sack the QB and so I am guessing DE is gonna be a top need. Also linebacker is pretty thin and so with that in mind I can only assume either an LB or DE will come off the board first. Some other holes I hope they address would be finding a suitable backup for Michael Turner. I love Norwood's big play capability but I just don't think he's shown the ability to be an every down back if Turner should go down with a major injury. So if Ben Tate is sitting there in round 3 i'd like to see Atlanta pull that trigger...or really in good runningback available. Also finding some players who can actually cover people in the secondary would be nice. It seems like every year the Falcons take a cornerback or two and none of them stick. Finally i'd be very happy if Atlanta took a wide receiver somewhere in the middle rounds to start grooming a replacement for Michael Jenkins. Anyways those are my thoughts. I doubt I'm even gonna watch much of the draft since I watch actual TV shows on Thursday, will have something better to do on Friday, and Saturday is just late rounds. So good luck Dirty Birds, we got a Super Bowl to win next year.

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