Thursday, April 8, 2010

BRAVES 2-0, can we just skip ahead to the World Series?

So after ACTUALLY watching two whole Braves games i can say that i am mostly fucking thrilled about this year's team...more so than i can remember being in years...shit maybe even a decade. sure i'm not in love with Melky Cabrera and Troy Glaus and would've much rather seen Matt Diaz in leftfield...but that being said the way Cox has situated the lineup this team should be able to score a lot of runs, something that hasn't always been the team's forte of late. assuming Glaus can regain any of his pre-2008 form where he was a legit power threat and assuming both Escobar and Heyward can produce in the 6 and 7 spots, there's no reason not to assume that Atlanta could be one of the higher scoring teams in MLB. the pitching staff is probably the best and deepest it's been since some guys named Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux, and Avery were the rotation. The Phillies may be most of the experts pick to win the East and possibly go the World Series but i fully expect Atlanta to take back the Division this year...or be the NL Wild Card team at the very least. of course if injuries hit the lineup or pitching staff then shit could be over real quick for Bobby Cox's final run. but i'm choosing to be optimistic.

hell, with the Braves seemingly returning to their status as one of Baseball's elite teams, the Atlanta Hawks emerging as one of the best young teams in the NBA, and the Falcons having a foundation for their future we could be looking at a coming golden age for Atlanta sports. i don't wanna be ridiculous and predict championships, but there's no reason not to believe that at least one of those 3 teams will win a title in the coming years. shit, if they all won championships it might ruin my entire relationship with my sports teams....but then again i'd trade a decade of losing seasons for the Braves, Hawks, and Falcons for just one national championship for Auburn. but that goes without saying.


Jerry Hinnen said...

Don't get too terribly excited about the Hawks. Joe Johnson could be outta here via free agency, Mike Bibby has clearly lost a couple of steps, and Marvin Williams is still the same player he was two ears ago. Smith and Horford are good enough that the Hawks aren't going to go back into the doldrums any time soon, but I don't see any way they get up to that next Magic/Cavs/Lakers level.

jrsuicide said...

don't ruin the fantasy, dude.