Thursday, November 5, 2009

TV PARTY, Week 10...this is a boring week

The South Carolina Fade In Full Bloom

South Carolina @ Arkansas on TBS, 12:30

seriously, this is becoming so predictable by now. the 'Cocks start out hot, get ranked, and then start losing every game they play. hang it up Coach, if you can't get it done then i doubt anyone else can either.

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Fucking Enemy

Alabama @ LSU on CBS, 3:30

LSU is of course totally overrated and Bama's offense seems to have hit some kind of honestly i have no idea. why can't ties still exist? anyways i actually hate LSU far more than Bama...but i really don't want Alabama to go 12-0 during the regular season again. so i guess i'm rooting for the Tigers? no, i can't do it.

nothing coming on at 8 pm holds any interest for me.

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