Monday, November 30, 2009

A Final Salute To The One Armed Zombie

CHRIS TODD, MOTHERFUCKER!!!! Auburn's ALL TIME Single Season TD Passing Leader. wrap your brain around that little nugget. and here we all thought that the fucker's arm had fallen off for good last year. good job, Todd, my boy. i enjoyed the shit sandwich you fed me this year.

you were the 3rd rated passer in the SEC this year, 4th in TDs, 6th in yards, completed nearly 60% of your passes for an avg. of 8 per pass (3rd in SEC), you only threw 6 INTS (tied for 3rd among regular starters), and you led the 3rd ranked offense in the league. i know Mallett and Tebow are gonna be the 1st and 2nd team QBs but if Todd isn't 3rd team All-SEC this year then it's some bullshit.

do i think Todd has an NFL Future? eh, probably not. but he was a lot better a college QB than i would have ever imagined. i wish this was the guy he would've been last year. but whatever, everything happens for a reason....or some shit.

One Armed Zombie We Salute You! let's hope you can lead us out with a bowl win and you toss a couple more TDs to Darvin Adams for your swan song.

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