Monday, November 9, 2009

Hate Week 2009

so it's time of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. AKA the game that matters more to me than any other on Auburn's schedule this year.

unlike most Auburn fans, i do not hate the Tide. i mean i want Auburn to beat them, but it's not a life or death thing for me. i was born in Alabama but i grew up in Georgia and thus i was surrounded by the most insufferable/wishy-washy fanbase in all of college football, UGA. nothing can give me more joy than beating the Dawgs and nothing makes me feel sicker to my stomach than watching Auburn lose to the Red and Black. 3 years in a row is 3 too fucking many. so you better win on Saturday, Auburn...i am serious. this is getting old.


J.D. said...

Your accompanying photo is cooler than mine is

Sean said...

I'm coming to the game with a good friend who is also an UGA grad. It will be a LONG ride back if we can't smack the leghumpers.

easyedwin said...

Get 'em in a track meet and whip they ass!!