Sunday, November 1, 2009

FAITH? i think we just got some back...maybe

so beating Ole' Miss fairly convincingly after suffering through a spirit crushing 3 game losing streak and doing it with big plays of offense and defense has done a couple of things for the Tigers and their fans. 1, it's proven that when things are clicking this team is capable of beating a quality opponent. it's also proven that Auburn NEEDS the big play to hide the fact that we've a below average (for Auburn standards) defense. it showed us that although Zombie Todd is a slow moving Romero Style Zombie, his arm seems to have been reattached through the mysteries of science and he is capable of chunking it down field again.

Big Ups to Ben Tate who is currently the number 2 rusher in the nation. i'll admit that over the past 3 seasons i haven't really ever thought much of him as a back and always considered him the secondary option to whoever else was already on the team but his performance this season has established him as one of the better and more consistent runners we've ever had at Auburn and i'm gonna miss the hell out of him next year. hopefully i'll be able to snag him for my fantasy team or even better he'll end up a Falcon.

so Auburn finds itself 6-3 and bowl eligible with 3 games left. 1 is a gimme (Furman), 1 is very winnable (UGA), and if Auburn can get those two then anything could happen in that Iron Bowl. do i believe Auburn could finish out 9-3? not really. but 2-1 and an 8 win season doesn't sound to bad to me. that sounds a lot like a trip to Atlanta to play a team like Virginia Tech or Miami in the Dome...and that's a hell of a lot better than what we were all thinking after that Kentucky game. so here's to FAITH and gettin' just a little bit of it back.

War Eagle.

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