Friday, November 13, 2009

Suicide Watch (2010), Week 11: Revenge!!!

JUST A REMINDER: last time Auburn was in Athens, this fucking happened.

if thinking about Georgia players wearing stupid black jerseys and running around and dancing the Soulja Boy doesn't annoy you and make you motivated for Bulldog blood then i'm not sure what will. how about the fact we've lost 3 teams in a row to our number 2 rival? 3 fucking times! that hasn't happened since some guy named Walker was carrying the ball for the Dawgs. Auburn hasn't lost 4 in a row since the 40s. Georgia is also in danger of catching up with the Tigers in the all-time lead. Auburn has only a 2 game advantage. no more losing. it must end now! (seriously please end it now. i can't deal with another year of shit talking.)

this game matters more to me than the Iron Bowl. it just does. if the football gods bless us with a victory in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry then he can do what he wishes in the Iron Bowl (okay, not really. i don't wanna watch Auburn get murdered again by the Tide. that sucked last year....a lot.)

this is a matchup of two of the worst defenses in the SEC. i don't really see an advantage either way. the Dawgs give up big plays and commit stupid penalties. Auburn has no depth and gives up 60+ yard touchdowns like it's going out of style. i really feel like this game is going to come down to special teams and whose offense can make big plays.

Georgia has AJ Green. he's going to be the best player on the field all day. i could see him going for about 200 yards vs. the Tigers banged up secondary. but luckily Joe Cox will probably gift us a few incerptions while trying to get it to Mr. Green. Walter McFadden could end up being the key to this game.

Auburn seems to have finally righted the ship on offense after falling into some kind of vortex of suck. Todd's throws have been in the mark and he and Darvin Adams are both deserving of SEC honors (Todd won't get it because of Tebow and Mallett. but Adams seems a lock for 2nd team ALL-SEC). the running game is most likely the key to victory for the Tigers. Ben Tate, it's your chance to cemment your legacy at Auburn. give us a big day (something in the 160 yards and 3 touchdowns area) and a win and you'll go down as one of the great Auburn backs. you've been the guy who has carried this offense all year. just give us one more great game.

chance for tragedy: 8, it's Georgia. even when things look bad for the them they tend to pull big wins out of their ass...especially late in the year vs. Auburn. this is still the team that beat Arkansas on the road. there's no reason to think they can't beat Auburn at Georgia.

method of suicide: seppuku, there's no honor in defeat. you've brought shame upon us all. phone a friend, he'll need to cut your head off for you after you stab yourself in the gut.

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