Friday, November 6, 2009

Suicide Watch (2009), Week are not ever aloud to lose to Furman, so don't even think about it.

a visual representation of the sort of advantage Auburn should have over their opponent on Saturday.

some one recently wrote me an email saying they'd take a Faustian-like deal and trade a loss to Furman for wins over Georgia and Alabama...and on the surface that seems like a good deal...but in all honesty the shame of losing to team like Furman would far out way wins over Alabama and Georgia. Auburn isn't supposed to be able to beat the Tide this year...but they HAVE to beat teams like Furman. i mean noone remembers that Michigan beat Florida in Lloyd Carr's final season, they just know they got beat by Appalachian State. it's not worth it.

chance of tragedy: 1, there's always a chance...not matter how small.

method of death: man, if you lose this kinda game then just burn the fucking place to the ground with everyone inside.

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