Friday, November 27, 2009

Like A Motherfuckin' Gunslinger

i think those Auburn fans who fear Alabama getting the one thing they've never had and the Tebow haters of college football all got their wish last night as Colt McCoy put on the show of the year for Heisman voters. 304 yards in the air and another 175 on the ground and 5 touchdowns pretty much nails down Colt bringing home the worlds most useless paper weight. there is no way a likeable 4 year starter whose been on the Heisman voters minds for 2 years isn't taking it home after a performance like that, last night on his team's final regular season game to keep their national title hopes alive. as long as the Longhorns win that Big 12 title game then you can guarantee that Colt McCoy is your Heisman winner.

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