Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bye Week

I'm taking advantage of Auburn's bye week and the Falcons plummet of doom to record new jams with my band, so posting may or may not happen much this week. so if you want F-Bombs and angry rants you might have to search for some message boards.

also i wanted to post a link to this online article for the Flagpole (here in Athens) written by Jeremy Henderson of the War Eagle Reader about the Rise or The Closet of the Hipster Football Fan. it's a pretty funny concept and pretty dead on and also there quotes from that guy who writes HEY JENNY SLATER and me as well as a few other. it's a good read if you happen to be an indie rock nerd who has ever been on tour with your band during football season and had nearly come to blows with a bandmate about turning the radio to the football game so that you could listen.

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