Sunday, November 15, 2009

i'm full of sad

photographic evidence of me being shameful and wearing a UGA t-shirt cuz i thought it looked cool. i put a curse on the Tigers. i know it.

don't worry, i gave that shirt away to my girlfriend.

loss to Georgia for the 4th year in a row + hangover + not being able to find my keys = i'll be spending the rest of the morning listening to Nirvana's Unplugged record and Elliott Smith until the Falcons come on. being emo about football is retarded.


Anonymous said...

right it is bitter, something about the game sort of reminded me of the season as a whole. started out like we were real asskickers. Todd is bitchin good and what the fuck!!!! how did this shit happen!!! i still don't get it, how did we lose???? again??? he got rubber armed at the end and the georgia dude goes down for no less than 2 hours. they had enough tape on the guy he looks like a mummy. was he really hurt or ??????

BYGODDDDDD!!!!!!! wait till next year. Fuck Bama they are to good.. Maybe they will be USC in a couple of years.


easyedwin said...

didn't elliott kill himself?