Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Look Back On the Ugliest Day In SEC Uniform History. Never Forget.

this year for Halloween both Georgia and Tennessee decided to play tricks on my optic centers with their special brands of alternate-uniforms. and i can safely say that other than that time Florida wore those jerseys with the weird ass sleeves (you remember the ONES!) this might've been the ugliest uniform day in league history. i just can't decide whose is worse.

1st up we have the University of Trying To Pull Things Out've Our Ass to Motivate Our Lousy Football Team Who Is Slowly But Surely Descending Into Irrelevance...also known of Georgia.

you know how the Dawgs love to turn shit from Red to Black and think it makes everything magic. well how'd that work out for you guys the last couple of times? as much as i loathed the Black Out jersey (and not just cuz of the beatdown Auburn got) this takes that to a whole new level of suck. the Dawgs looked like a cross between an inner-city high school squad and a USFL team from the 80s.

kinda like the Houston Gamblers except not cool or intimidating at all.

why Georgia (who i have always thought of as having one of the top 10 coolest uniforms in all of college football) would wanna fuck with their look just to wear some silly black outfits is beyond me. at least with the black out Jerseys it's something to sell to the fans. what the fuck are you gonna do with those stupid pants and helmets? i have a suggestion...burn them, along with all your black out jerseys too.

Dawgs are FAIL.

as much as i hate whenever the Dawgs try to change things up at least they actually HAVE black in their color scheme. Tennessee on the other hand just pulled a black out from nowhere so that they could change their teams normal push-pop look into giant fucking candy corns!

what an unholy fucking eyesore we have here.

just what every fan wants...the team to look like a bowl of candy.

i mean, yeah it was Halloween, but that doesn't mean you HAVE to wear a costume on the football field. ugghhhh.

anyways. i hate them both...but can't really pick a WORST among the two. my lean is with the Vols just cuz they look so fucking stupid anyways and then ended up making themselves look even worse. BUT Georgia did get their asses kicked and played just like the Division II team that they looked like. so it still could go either way for me.

and Auburn, don't even THINK about wearing orange jerseys. NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER!!!!

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