Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Opening Day...

...which used to be my favorite time of the year, many moons ago when i was young and less jaded and loved baseball above all other sports. i mean it was my first love. my first game. the thing i could actually play. the one i dreamed of making it as a professional in, until the reality that i was too small, couldn't hit anything faster than 80 miles and hour and couldn't throw a slider set in. but still my love of the game was always pure, that is until we rolled into the 21st century with a Yankees/Red Sox lovefest that could sicken anyone not calling the Northeastern United States his home. followed by Roids Roids Roids coverage by E$PN that suddenly made you not even care who was and who wasn't cheating. and so i abandoned my once perfect game for a simpler and more entertaining sport that had always held a close 2nd for me, college football. regardless baseball still exists and like an ex-girlfriend you dumped, you still think about her now and again. you still hope the Braves can win another World Series before you die. you pray that someway both and Yankees and the Red Sox will miss the playoffs only because the collective miseries of their fanbases would cheer up almost anyone. and you would like to see a team like the Pittsburgh Pirates claw their way into a playoff spot because they were your first team, the first ball park you ever went to, and have suffered for far too long.

here are your top 5 story lines of the 2008 Baseball Season as brought to you by the World Wide Leader in repetitive story lines.
1. Yankees/Redsox
2. Steroids/HGH
3. Can A-Rod perform in the playoffs
4. hey wouldn't it be great if we could get rid of all these other teams and just have Yankees and RedSox games every day?
5. will anyone take a chance on Barry Bonds?

uggghhh. 7 months of this shit brought to me from the mouth of John Kruk every night. when does football season start again?

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