Monday, March 31, 2008

Bracket Busters Sweet 16/Elite 8 Wrap Up

Okay so you are telling me that Kansas was playing in an NCAA tournament game and the OTHER team choked?! you just destroyed the fabric of reality.

Cinderella choked on a glass dick. this happens. Davidson played their asses off all game and then totally fucked up on the last possession that could've sent them to the Final Four. WHY would anyone other than Curry take that final shot??? i mean i know Kansas was guarding him well, but set a something. give the kid his chance to win it. don't put it all on the hardworking pointguard.

so with Kansas winning i am officially toast in my bracket. the best i can do is come in 2nd place.

i was so glad that Memphis just blew Texas and Michigan State out of the Water. since i have no chance of winning my bracket pool i am totally rooting for the Tigers to win this shit.

onwards to the final four. so we get all number ones for the first time ever. hopefully we get some good games as the last few years have been pretty much blowouts. peace out young Stephen Curry. you were a small wonder to behold. stay in school and come back to kick some ass next year.

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kenniebloggins said...

One of the Davidson players attempted to set the weakest screen ever. The Kansas guy (Chalmers, maybe?) just runs around it with no problem.