Friday, March 28, 2008

We'll We're Movin' On Up: Bracket Busters Sweet 16, day 1

the V is for victim.

what a difference a day in the NCAA tournament can make for your sad ass bracket. i made the jump from the bottom of the pack to 4th place thanks to going 4 for 4 last night with my picks. of course it was all favorites winning (yes Louisville was favored to beat Tennessee even though the Vols were a higher seed) so i can't really pat myself on the back for this one. mostly i'm just feeling regret for picking Memphis to come out of the South. my bracket could be toast tonight if the Tigers get bounced by Michigan State. last nights action was mostly boring. Louisville blew out Tennessee, North Carolina crushed Washington State, UCLA got a little scare from Western Kentucky, and then you had one truly great game between West Fucking Virginia and Xavier ending with Xavier on top in overtime. all in all this tournament is going mostly chalk in the later rounds. i fully expect 3 ones to make it to the final four with a wildcard coming out of the South. i could see Stanford, Michigan State, or Texas all coming out of that region...just not my Memphis Tigers. not unless they start letting them dunk for free throws.

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