Friday, March 21, 2008


Ughhhh. i only got 11 of 16 games right yesterday. picked too many upsets and changed picks and the last minute that i shoulda stuck with. this is a very typical start for me in the tournament. so far only 1 sweet 16 team went down though because...

apparently i hitched my wagon to the wrong UberFreshman as O.J. Mayo and USC go down while K State marches on. what the fuck did i even know about USC anyways? i'm just glad i went back and changed my picks yesterday and only had them going to the sweet 16, a few people had them in the elite 8 and even final four.

even though i picked Duke i was still rooting hard for Belmont to take them out. i only have Duke getting to the Sweet 16 so i wouldn't have lost any sleep on them getting bounced in the first round. if you are a Belmont fan you probably shot yourself in the face after the way those last few seconds went down. you have the lead, you are trying to kill the clock, you take a bad shot, Duke takes it the length of the floor and scores, you get it back, miss a shot, get it back again, and then you pass it to the wrong guy on the inbounds play?!?!?!?! are you serious!?? CHOKE!!!!!!!!

Dear George Mason,
I will never again pick you in a tourney pick em.

BYU goes down. why'd i change my pick to the Mormons? must be from watching Big Love.

Kansas and UCLA both look Final Four worthy in crushing defeats of sixteen seeds...or at least more Final Four worthy than Duke.

Fucking Beasley. Beast Man. goddamn Bracket Buster. i have a feeling this kid is gonna be trouble for me. he's on a mission to prove he deserved player of the year and is gonna be knocking off my teams left and right.

West Fucking Virginia...why'd i change my pick to Arizona? from now on i am staying with my gut picks and not fucking around with my bracket ever again. they are so gonna kick Duke's ass.

lets hope i have better luck in Day 2.

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