Sunday, March 23, 2008

HA HA, Duke Still Sucks: Bracket Busters Day 3

-and the choking in early rounds continues for the Blue Devils. even if it fucks up my bracket, the natural instinct to root against Duke gets the best of me again. i should just start picking them to lose in the 1st round every year so that my rooting against the Dukies will also have some positive effect on my bracket.

-Stanford and UCLA decided to give me as big of a scare as possible. i am not feeling as solid on either of those teams after what they did yesterday.

-Michigan State took out Pitt (a team i always like rooting for). Michigan State as always prove they are one of the better tournament teams despite whatever seed they draw. i should just start automatically putting them in the Sweet 16 every year because they will at least get that far.

-overall i did better yesterday, but i still find myself near the bottom of my pool. i still have all my elite 8 teams alive so with some luck i could be back at the top if i get some breaks today.

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