Saturday, March 22, 2008

THERE WILL BE BLOOD: Bracket Busters Day 2

has there ever been so much fucking red on your bracket after one round of the NCAA tourney?

Worst First Round EVER. only got 20 out of 32 and tied for next to last place. holy fuck. what were you thinking about by having faith in Vandy? you know they can't win any games away from their fucked up homecourt.

again i overthink things and they bite me on the ass.

STEPHEN HILL!!!! Arkansas thugs on Indiana who ushered themselves out of the tourney and back into irrelevance as Gordon will be heading on to the League. why'd i lose faith in the Hawgs and change that pick? goddamn it.

Western Fucking Kentucky owns your darkhorse pick Drake. don't fuck with anybody whose nickname is the Hilltoppers. they climb mountains bitch! and they sink game winning three point daggers into your motherfuckin' heart!

so much for the Pac 10's dominance. there are officially as many SEC teams that made it to the 2nd round and Pacific Ten'ers. of course UCLA and Stanford both could make it to the final four and Mississippi State and Arkansas are probably gettin' bounced in the 2nd round...but still.

oh well, lessons learned for next year: you know nothing about basketball, stop picking upsets.

bright side: my elite 8 and final fours are still intact and i've got a Final Four that no one else in my pool has got, so i'm still in the running for the cash despite my low spot right now. hopefully round 2 treats me better, cuz i just got my fucking ass kicked.

i need to watch something to make me feel better.

ok, i'm fine now.

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