Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spread Eagle Research Mission

this Saturday i'll be making my way from Athens, GA and onwards to the Plains to check out my Auburn Tigers in their annual Spring A-Day Game. it's official. i've become one of "those" college football fans. pretty soon i'll be naming my kids Bo and getting an AU logo tattoo on the back of my skull.

apparently all the fucking running backs are injured so the A-Day game might turn out to look more like a matchup between Texas Tech and Hawaii than a typical SEC team scrimmage. i expect passing, passing, a few QB runs, and some more passing. jesus, the game might end up lasting 3 days with all the possible clock stoppage.

i've already seen the new look spread in action against Clemson in the Peach Bowl...but i'm really looking forward to checking out the QB battle between Kodi Burns and JC transfer Chris Todd. i'll have a full report sometime around Monday...unless i'm too distracted by hot co-eds and don't pay any attention to the game.

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