Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Griffey choo-choo-chooses Atlanta

Hey, at least someone wants to be a Brave besides just Tom Glavine. Griffey Jr announced that he's coming to the ATL which just made the 300 die hard Braves fans who live in Metro Atlanta happy. Actually I feel like a douche for making the tired old "they don't have any fans joke". Atlanta has tons of fans, hell Nike did a study (or maybe it was MLB who knows) and the Braves were ranked the 3rd most popular franchise in baseball, ahead of every douchebag bandwagon jumper who doesn't really care about baseball's favorite team The Boston Fucking Redsox. Sadly none of those Braves fans live in Atlanta because it's a haven for SEC alumni who don't like baseball because it cuts into college football time and then assholes from the North and Midwest who love the Mets and Cubs.

Okay, sorry for that rant. Who am I fooling though? I could care less about Atlanta anymore either, I soured on baseball years ago and the 'roid shit had just made it worse. Still Ken Griffey Jr. Was my favorite non-Braves/non-Bo Jackson baseball player of all time and that snot nosed kid who still lives inside me is gonna make it out to see Junior play next season in his Braves' Navy & Red and will be excited to do so.

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