Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Thoughts

I'm really glad Slumdog Millionaire won best picture because other than Dark Knight it really was the best movie I saw all year and it's that rare Oscar winner that's both a piece of art and a true crowd pleaser.

Mickey Rourke got totally robbed, even if Sean Penn was really good that was Rourke's only real chance to ever win an Oscar and his Oscar speech would've been awesome. Sean Penn is a humorless dick who takes himself way to seriously and he's already won his Oscar for being king of the Over-Actors club. Guess Rourke maybe shouldn't have talked so much shit before the votes were in.

Danny Boyle winning best director kinda blows my mind. He is part of the class of young filmmakers from the 90s (with Tarantino, PT Anderson, Wes Anderson, etc...) who made really COOL films that defined that decade for me and made me interested in film as something more than just goin' to the movies. But if you asked me which one of those guys was gonna win an Oscar first...the guy who made Trainspotting & Shallow Grave would've been my last guess.

Wolverine did a pretty awesome job hosting, maybe they should stick with actors over comedians for a while.

Why do they bother having an Animation award when the Pixar movie wins everytime? It's like Women's Softball in the Olympics where the USA just dominates the world until the Olympics just cancel that shit.

If I could add one more category to the Oscars i'd like to see an award for best Genre film. It'd be cool to see horror, sci fi, action, & comedies that aren't the typical Oscar kind get some love besides in the special fx department.

And finally the shit was tooooooo loooooong as usual, so maybe if they cut out all the damn montages and musical numbers then they might knock that shit out in less than 3 & a half hours. Just sayin'.

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