Friday, February 20, 2009

My Atlanta Falcons Offseason Wishlist

bring back the RED Helmets! yeah, it'll never happen.

i should go ahead and say that for someone who did nothing but bitch and moan at everything that the Falcons did last offseason from hire Mike Smith (who?), to sign Michael Turner (waste of money for a career backup), to draft Matt Ryan (BUST!!!!) that my opinions should be put into a rocket and fired into the sun. when it comes to pro-football i known even less of what i am talking about than the drivel i spout off about the college game. i'm just gonna acknowledge that the Falcons finally have a GM who knows that the fuck he's doing and for the first time in my entire life i actually BELIEVE in the Falcons and honestly think they'll become an elite franchise as long as nothing bad happens to Matt Ryan. still i am a monkey with a typewriter and i can't help but throw my pointless/stupid/and WRONG WRONG WRONG opinions out there for all to see. and so i've come up with my Offseason wish list for the Falcons that hopefully takes them from a wildcard team to a possible title contender.

1. last year Atlanta made a big splash by bringing in Michael Turner and basically transforming the entire offense over night. this offseason i would LOVE to see the Falcons make a play for Albert Haynesworth (who just announced he is gonna
test the market). bringing in Haynesworth would instantly improve the Falcons run defense and give them a franchise player on that side of the ball to surround with young talent through the draft.

2. GET RID OF KEITH BROOKING!!! the fact that Keith Brooking survived last season's veteran cutting spree is probably the only bad move that the Falcons made. Brooking hasn't been worth a shit since Dan Reeves was the coach. he can't cover runningbacks or tight ends and he's more likely to tackle a player for a first down then he is to actually make a good play. if a single play can sum up how useless Keith Brooking is to the defense then i will just remind you all of the game clenching play that Arizona made in their playoff win where Brooking left the tight end WIDE OPEN in the middle of the field on a 3rd & 16 play that resulted in a 23 yard gain and ended Atlanta's season. he's old and white and slow and he's been stealing money from Atlanta for years. much like Jeff Francoeur is to the Braves, Keith Brooking is to the Falcons. hell he couldn't even start for most teams in the league. just let him go Atlanta. he ain't Ray Lewis.

3. bring back Michael Jenkins. i know he's largely been a disappointment for Atlanta, but last season he finally showed that he was worth a shit...and i'm starting to believe he and Roddy White were good all along but just had Mike Vick hurling uncatchable missiles at them. with Jenkins, White, and Harry Douglas the Falcons would have one of the better young receiving groups in the NFL.

4. with their first round pick the Falcons need to draft the best possible defensive tackle who is available...BJ Raji of Boston College, Peria Jerry of Ole Miss, or the one that would make me the most happy Sen'Derrick Marks of Auburn...any of those 3 guys would be a solid pick up for Atlanta and gives them a force in the middle for years to come. i've seen a lot of mock drafts that have Atlanta taking Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew with their first selection. if they could get him the 2nd round i'd be okay with that, but wasting a 1st rounder on a Tight End when this team's biggest issue is the defense and it's ability to stop the run would be totally foolish. unless Rey Maulaluga somehow fell to the Falcons i want them to take a D-Tackle. and the way Marks seems to be falling in the draft i think Atlanta could end up with both Jerry and Marks with their first and 2nd round picks. i'd only wanna see them do that if they couldn't land Haynesworth.

5. add a big hitting free safety thought the draft. Lawyer Miloy ain't getting any younger. William Moore of Missouri (the only defender on their team worth a damn) and Patrick Chung of Oregon could be possibilities in the 2nd or 3rd round.

6. i'd love to see them add some depth at linebacker with their 3rd round pick. i don't have anyone in mind, just as long as he doesn't come from the Big 10.

7. just for the fuck of it and because i love the guy, if Pat White is still available in the 4th or 5th round then i would love for the Falcons to pick him up. he could be a 4th receiver, a punt returner, and a wildcat QB for the Dirty Birds.

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