Friday, February 27, 2009

Eulogy For Kennie Bloggins

'tis a sad day for Athens, GA as my good friend Mr. Kenniebloggins is leaving our fine city in an attempt to be closer to the school he teaches/ coaches at. his goal is to turn his girl's tennis team into the sort of feel good/triumph against all odds kind of story that Disney will adapt into a shitty film and KB can make some motherfucking bank on it. also i suspect he wants to be closer to the city of Atlanta so that he can hangout at The Cheetah and the Pink Pony more often...or to get his rap career off the ground. whatever the reasons be they fictional or otherwise, i myself am truly and honestly saddened as the Bloggins Compound has hosted many of my favorite football memories over the last several years and has been my home away from home nearly every single Saturday from the months of September-January.

aside from having to watch football games at my own house, i will miss the drunken rants about the state of Alabama football and the 6 hour conversations about our fantasy football team while we are out at the bar on any given night. mostly i will miss him yelling at people in his home for not "respecting the Tide" with the sort of madness and conviction that only a truly deranged human being who really loves his fucking team can conjure. for a recap of his finest moment as a citizen of Athens i direct you here.

good luck my friend. Athens is a shittier place without you.

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