Saturday, January 3, 2009


What in tarnation done happened?

UTAH SPEED!!!!! It kills, apparently.

After the shitty season I just endured I should probably soak up some of this Bama misery for myself and enjoy it, but taking pleasure in other peoples pain is so 2008. Besides Utah probably would have beaten Auburn by 60. That being said this was just Bama pulling one of their classic moves of getting beaten by some random ass team that half their fanbase hath never heard of before anyways. It comes along with those 37 national titles and shrines to the Bear.

But yeah I was shocked. I thought Alabama losing Andre Smith might have a slight effect on the Tide's ability to run the football and protect John Parker Wilson, but I had no idea it was gonna turn Utah's front 7 into the 2005 Auburn Tiger Iron Bowl Sack Machine. I kept wondering if Stanley McClover was secretly on the Utes d-line doing his best to turn JPW in Brodie 2. Damn! And for the non-BCS conference haters I will say to you, eat a bag of dicks. Utah is fucking good and outside of Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, & USC I think they'd take out any team in the country. But no, they didn't even get to sniff that BCS trophy...which is all the more reason we should all be screaming PLAYOFF!!! Also its time to give the Mountain West an automatics bid. They have 2 top 10 teams this year and are undefeated in their BCS bowl matchups. Just sayin'.

On another Auburn related note, how much you want to bet that if Auburn hadn't already hired Gene Chzik that Kyle Whittingham would be getting that coaching job today? Hell there probably were a lot of people saying let's go ahead anf fire Chizik now and hire this guy to come in...he can beat Saban. Regardless the good jobs are all gone but that dude is about to be rich as shit next year. Also I was a little inspired to hope that if Auburn can actuallly grasp the concept of Spread Eagle 2 then success againt the Tide may come very quickly, it sure as shit eliminated Alabama's size advantage for Utah...but then again having receiver's who can catch the ball and break tackles probably doesn't hurt either.

In summation I give major props to my Bama loving friend Mr. Bloggins who took the loss about as well as any member of the Tide nation could and it wasn't until the final John Parker sack that he shot his TV with a rifle and ran out into the night looking for a Mormon to pick a fight with. Good times.

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