Friday, January 16, 2009

Young Men Gettin' Paid

so the deadline for early entry into the NFL has come and gone. some BCS title contenders are feeling the burn, probably none more vocally the Mr. Win Forever himself over losing his starting QB.

Carrol is taking some heat over this because he seems to be saying that Mark Sanchez if gonna fail. whatever, he's got 3 Blue-Chip QBs backing Sanchez up, the Trojans will be fine. they've got a bigger problem replacing almost their entire defense anyways. i'm sure Mitch Mustain or Aaron Corp will be fine.

the real winner of TEAM MOST FUCKED BY EARLY ENTRIES would be Athens, Georgia's very own Georgia Bulldogs...who lose their 2 best offensive weapons plus their best defensive back (luckily Reshad Jones opted to stay for another year or that very torchable secondary may have been completely in flames all year).

a close 2nd place in their contest might be UGA's divisional rival, South Carolina who will lose All-SEC tight end Jared Cook, safety Emmanuel Cook, and cornerback (and winner of greatest name ever) Captain Munnerlyn...luckily they're the South Carolina Gamecocks and they were gonna go 7-5 or 6-6 next season no matter who was playing anyways.

Bama loses their All-Universe tackle Andre Smith, but everyone knew that kid would be 3 and done from the moment he signed with the Tide. when you're considered the next Orlando Pace it's really just a waiting game. Alabama also says bye to their leading rusher Glenn Coffee but i don't anticipate that being a very big deal with Roy Upchurch, Mark Ingram, and incoming freshman Trent Richardson all in the mix. i think Coffee knew to get out while the getting was good so that he didn't end up like Ken Darby. Bama's biggest news was that Mount Cody was coming back for 1 more year, making sure that you still won't be able to run on the Tide next year.

LSU loses Ricky Jean-Francois and Brandon LaFell. neither of which i think are as good as they were always hyped to be. the Tigers will be fine.

Ole Miss totally dodged a bullet when Greg Hardy announced he would be returning to school. the Rebels could be a top 10 team next year if things break their way.

Vandy lost their only real star when DJ Moore decided to ride off into the sunset as the hero of VANDY4EVER's magical season and into the NFL.

everyone at Auburn expected Sen'Derrick Marks to leave school early from the beginning of this season and i think it was more important that Antonio Coleman decided to come back for his senior year than it will be losing Marks (especially now that former five star JC transfer Raven Gray is gone. a quick thought, when was the last time one of Auburn's 5 Star JC transfers actually ended up being worth a shit and sticking around? every one of these guys seems to disappear before ever doing a thing for the Tigers). Auburn's biggest loss will be cornerback Jerraud Powers. Powers was the teams' most solid defensive back the last 2 seasons and leaves the Tigers with some serious issues with depth at corner next year. hopefully Neiko Thorpe can become the star that a lot of people think he'll be.

and then of course Florida is still favored to win it all next year even if Harvin is leaving school...once The Tebow said "let's do it again next year!" things were pretty much set in stone. the fact that Brandon Spikes is coming back too is just an added bonus.

my early lean on the top 5 underclassmen who will be BUST-TASTIC for whatever team who drafts them.

1. Josh Freeman, QB Kansas State. sure he's 8 feet tall and 300 pounds and has a rocket for an arm, but what did that ever do for Kansas State. i am finding a hard team remembering a more overrated prospect who came into college football and accomplished less than nothing (besides beating Texas twice). to be honest the only memorable moment i can come away with from Freeman's college career would be this little nugget of joy...

yeah he looks really big and strong in that pocket while he's getting nailed by Quentin Groves, doesn't he?

2. Nate Davis, QB Ball State. did anyone actually watch the final two game implosion that Davis put on against Buffalo and Tulsa? and some people are saying this kid is gonna be a late 1st or 2nd round pick? really!?!?!

3. Shonn Green, RB Iowa. hmmmm....Big 10 runningback with questionable speed who you never even heard of before this season. yeah, i'd avoid this one at all costs.

4. Brian Hartline, WR Ohio State. white wide receivers from Ohio State = no thank you, i'll pass. seriously i'd think about drug testing Hartline because he's obviously smoking something if he thinks he'll be a 1st day pick in this year's draft.

5. PJ Hill, RB Wisconsin. hahaha, just kidding. noone will be dumb enough to draft his fat ass thereby saving him from BUST status. Hill, like Ron Dayne with less speed.

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